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Friday, 14 Sep 2012 to Tuesday, 18 Sep 2012
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Stand-Alone Courses and Pre-requisite for the Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy - Australia's most comprehensive therapist training.

The focus of the Viniyoga Foundations courses is to create a platform of understanding that is beneficial in itself, but is also the fundamental foundation for the therapeutic application of yoga.

Viniyoga is not a style of yoga but is a personalised approach to yoga. It utilizes the tools of yoga to meet the student where he or she is and encourages evolution toward the objectives and needs of the individual. It is also essential underpinning knowledge of yoga therapy.

Course focus:

•    In depth analysis of yoga philosophy and its application in practice

•    The important principles of practice of asana, meditation and other tools of yoga

•    The Classical way of practicing asana and the principles behind the modifications of asana

•    A comprehensive study of all the principles behind sequencing of asana, pranayama and meditation practice – the key that opens to the full efficiency of these tools

•    An introduction to the skills of observation and assessment of individuals

All material will be dealt with from a therapeutic perspective and presented by Leanne Davis one of Australia’s leading yoga teachers, a senior teacher trainer in the viniyoga approach (KHYF) and TCM Practiioner,.

The first five day workshop will cover the therapeutic application of asana, pranayama and meditation, yoga philosophy and the sutras of healing

The second workshop will deal with Developing a Personalised Practice: I Classical Asana and II Modification and Course Planning.

The workshops are suitable for all committed practitioners and teachers of yoga, of all traditions. They are strongly recommended for everyone who desires to deepen their understanding of the application of yoga in the therapeutic context.