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Monday, 29 Oct 2012 to Wednesday, 7 Nov 2012
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This 9 day residential training may be taken as a stand alone course and also the first module of the VHF Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy. 

The content of the course is essential knowledge for teachers interested in the healing path and all aspiring yoga therapists.  It will be presented by Dr NC MBBS with Lara Abiesheik

Learning and practicing yoga is one, and the application of yoga on others is entirely different.  This difference between yoga and the application of yoga has not been well stressed.  This has resulted in the same yoga techniques that teachers have learnt being applied on other people without giving due consideration to the constitutions of the individuals, their capability, their requirements, and without individuality in the teaching methodology itself.

Each type of application has its own set of principles behind, and within, its operation so as to make the application most appropriate, effective and intelligent.  Thus, each type of application is unique in its own way. Yoga recognizes five different types of application namely Sristi krama. Siksana krama, Raksana krama, Adhyatmika krama and Cikitsa krama.

The morning sessions of this module focus on the various applications of yoga and will deal extensively with the features of each type and level (introductory, middle stage and advanced) of each application, including:

  • On whom? Complete study of the individual.
  • For what purpose?  Assessment of the individual and the requirements.
  • How?  The methodology of application.

Vinyasa kramas will be demonstrated by Lara Abiesheikh, a master of asana. (see him on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B9lJhDSQsc

The afternoon will focus on examination methodologies. Each day, one important joint will be taken up for observation and discussion. The first and third hour will be on studying the methodology of observation, palpation and examination in a workshop manner.  The second and the fourth hour will be for discussions based on observation done in the previous hour. 

Please Note: Pre-requisites Apply.  If you wish to participate in this course or undertake the Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy, but you have not completed the 9 day Foundations Course or all of the Foundations Series Workshops,  please contact us to discuss your situation

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