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Map of Bibra Lake, Western Australia
8 Aspiration Circuit, Bibra Lake, Western Australia, 6163, Australia
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Monday, 8 Jul 2019 toFriday, 12 Jul 2019
7.15am - 9.00am | 11.00am - 5.00pm daily


Tantric Hatha Yoga is an ancient,comprehensive, vast field of knowledge, practice, science and wisdom. It’s possibly more relevant now than ever in our modern times with an amplitude of distractions, choices, and instability of all kinds. Thewisdom and evolving technology of Tantra covers all facets of life and ultimately teaches us how to become steady and strong in our true Self and to be a powerful radiant vessal of energy, light, and wisdom. This is the path to becoming steeped in your purpose, free of fear and suffering and excelling at whatever you choose to do in life! In this 5 day 50hr intensive you will gain a comprehensive and practical overview and insight of what Tantric Hatha Yoga is and what has to offer you no matter where you are at in life. You will learn the formula to positively transform your life, along with some profound practices! The workshop consists of practice including asana, pranayama, bandha, mudras and meditation kriyas, as well as lectures, homework, group exercises, and discussions including but not limited to the following topics: Transformative Alchemy and Science of TantraThe Power & Mastery of PranaThe Energetics of Tantric Hatha Yoga PracticesThe different Schools and Paths of TantraAgni Yoga Practices and PrinciplesAyurveda, the Foundation of Yoga and Tantra Veils of the Soul ~ The 5 KoshasThe Psychology of TransformationFire and Light ~ Advanced Tantric PracticesTradition and Responsibility of being a TeacherBe the best student and teacher you can beEthics to live and teach with Integrity This training is suitable and beneficial for yoga teacher's and student's wishing to deepen their practice and understanding. All of Brad Hay's trainings are certified with Yoga Alliance as continuing education hours. Completion of his 4 x 50hr training modules will complete a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training qualification with Yoga Alliance. $950 or $1700 for both this course and Brad's Ayurveda Yoga Specialist course running from 1 - 5 July also at Yoga Sita. $200 deposit required to secure your place.Please contact alex@yoga-sita.com or 0415340848 to enquire or book. ABOUT OUR FACILITATOR BRAD HAY:Brad is a world class ParaYoga and Meditation Teacher with aprofessional teaching career stretching over 20 years. He began teaching Hatha Yoga in 1999 and in 2003 completed Yoga Arts world-renowned 9 month full time training in Byron Bay with some of the countries leading teachers.In Colorado 2007 Brad met his current mentor of 12 years, Master Teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, founder of ParaYoga. Rod is considered to be one of the worlds leading authorities in the Tantra Yoga Tradition and he officially initiated Brad into the lineage of Sri Vidya in 2010. Brad completed ParaYoga’s Master Training Program and is considered one of Para Yoga's leading Senior Certified Teachers.In addition Brad is a Nationally Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and a professional member the National Ayurvedic Medical Accociation in the USA. He completed his studies through on of the USA’s leading and most recognised Schools, The Californian College of Ayurveda.Brad leads Tantra Yoga & Ayurveda workshops, intensives, and retreats around the world and has recently relocated with his family back to his home country, Australia after 18 years in the USA. Brad is currently the only ParaYoga Certified Teacher in Australia. "Brad is an exceptional Yogi, one who is helping to brighten the light of Yoga in the world today. A powerful being, he embodies the best of what Yoga has to offer, the benefits of years of deep practice, a broad and rich understanding of the ancient teachings and a wonderfully accessible and joyous presence"- Yogarupa Rod Stryker

Schedule / Itinerary

Monday 8 July - Friday 13 July

7.15am - 9.00am PRACTICE

11.00am - 5.00pm LECTURES + EXERCISES