FREE TALK ~ Sound Sadhana with Natasha Ahmad


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2 William Street(corner Carlisle St.), Balaclava, VIC, 3183, Australia
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Friday, 22 Mar 2013 to Friday, 22 Mar 2013
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The importance of sound dates back to the Indian Vedic tradition where Indian classical music has its roots. While the system has developed technically its devotional nature and philosophical interpretations remain the same. The notes are related to the planets, the Sanskrit alphabet and the Hindu pantheon.

The combination of different sounds create certain moods (rasa) called raaga, from the root ranj, meaning coloured. Two other components which give the ragasspecific characteristics are taala (rhythm) and bhaava (feeling).

Raagas take on many forms such as the embodiment of a particular deity or the expression of a particular season and are used to call upon the elements. Raagas are the basis of all levels of Indian music including chanting and kirtan.

This practical workshop is an introduction to the raga system. It is open to all students interested in the cultivation of sound through the human voice.

“Music… a means to communicate with the divine spirit and not merely to please the masses.”

~Ustad Amir Khan

Natasha Ahmed has been studying Indian classical music since 1997.