'Journey From Zanskar' - Movie & dinner Night


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Friday, 18 Nov 2011
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How far would you go to save your dying culture?

Two Buddhist monks fulfil their pledge to the Dalai Lama to help save their dying culture by leading a group of 17 poor children aged 4-12 on a journey from Zanskar in remote northwest India through the Himalayas. To seek an education- on foot, on horseback, by jeep and bus- whatever it takes.

The children may not return home for 10-15 years or more.

This is the story of their incredible journey.

Follow this link to watch the trailer http://www.warriorfilms.org/journey-from-zanskar

After the screening of the film, Academy and Emmy nominated Director, Frederick Marx takes us through his remarkable journey while making this powerful, heart-moving documentary. Frederick talks about how his Buddhist practice informs his filmmaking and how conversely, the film influenced his Buddhist practice.

In particular, Frederick talks about how the Zanskari people point us to equanimity in the everyday, how the courage, calm, and balance with which they face extraordinary challenges is more than inspiring, offering a vision of what our own lives can be.

Friday 18 November, 6.30pm

starts with a delicious vegetarian dinner.

$20. Bookings Required.


Included for $20

includes dinner & movie