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Saturday, 7 Sep 2013
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Saturday 7 September 7 - 9.30pm

Presented by the Chant & Chai Cartel. With guest musician Swami Jasraj Puri.

Each session we will provide for your enjoyment a variety of Melbourne’s finest chant practitioners and musicians. You are welcome to sing, clap dance or simply sit back and enjoy the uplifting, transformative sounds of the ancient sanskrit mantras and music.

When you sing kirtan or bhajan (devotional songs) you may be so overwhelmed with their vibes that you will begin to dance. That is a good thing; it shows that your kirtan is doing what it should. Kirtana actually means kartana (cutting) of the karmas; the “i” indicates that it is done musically. As your karmas are cut and you feel lighter, won’t you dance?

We regularly fearure kirtanists such as Chakradhyan, Shivamantra, Nada Narayana and Allie Stringer. We often also invite interstate guest kirtanists and musicians.


Included for $15

$15 entry. 

Chai & cakes extra cost