Yoga in Daily Life Beginners
Yoga in Daily Life Beginners


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8 Corsair St, Richmond, Victoria, 3121, Australia
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Wednesday, 12 Aug 2015
7.30 - 9pm
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(03) 9427 0977


Increase your strength & flexibility, tone your body, relax your mind, cultivate inner peace and balance.


The course offers an introduction to level 1 of the Yoga in Daily Life System, giving you a variety of basic yoga techniques and an understanding of the many benefits that regular yoga practice can to body and mind. This course can be successfully followed up by attending the Level 1 or Level 1 - 3  classes so you may continue to learn and receive the benefits of your Yoga practice.


This course is suitable for everyone!


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Included for $120

$120 full $96 conc
6 week course
once course class + one extra class each week = 12 classes total

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A practical course that offers you the A - Z basic foundations of a wholistic yoga practice. You will learn:

◊ Easy yoga exercises to stretch and strengthen your body

◊ Relaxation techniques to de-stress your body & mind

◊ Breathing practices to balance the nervous system

◊ Basic meditation for peace of mind