Prenatal 5 Week Yoga Course


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Saturday, 3 Sep 2011
What does that include?
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Benefits include:

• nourishment for body, mind & soul
• provides mental calm in adjusting to the pregnancy
• strengthens the body gradually
• tones the inner organs & may help prevent uterine prolapse
• helps relieve back pain & joint pain
• may help alleviate morning sickness
• may prevent high blood pressure
• provides relief from fluid retention
• helps to build the Mother’s confidence in her own abilities

The course includes notes, excellent instruction and we provide yoga equipment.
If you miss a class we give you a voucher to make it up, preferably with a Gentle course the same week. Payment is required to secure your place in the course.

What do you do when you finish the course?

We encourage you to keep coming back, subsequent pre-natal yoga courses you do are at the concession price. As your body changes each week, you will find the stretches feel different and benefit different parts of your body. The class is very practical and you will feel the benefits of the stretching, breathing, relaxation and meditation.

The emotional spiritual and physical aspects of pregnancy are vitally important and should not be neglected. The potential for self-empowerment, change, healing and transformation, which is so great during these months, needs to be positively enhanced and encouraged. ~ Dr. Yehudi Gordon

Included for $95

Costs: $95/ $80 conc.