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Monday, 24 Aug 2015 to Tuesday, 29 Sep 2015
6 weeks once per week $80
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Chakra ‘Sodan’ Meditation (concentration on the Chakras) helps one to develop a deeper understanding of the mind, emotions and soul.

Gain a greater sense of composure and inner peace by building on your strengths and latent talents & abilities.

The energy that awakens all the Chakras is called Kundalini“serpent power”. The rising of the Kundalini is a process of awakening in consciousness.


The consciousness expands, awareness and clarity are heightened and life energy is increased. Awakening of the Kundalini means liberation from ignorance, illusion and fluctuating thought, and the development of wisdom, self-discipline and self-control.


Chakras are energy centers through which Cosmic energy flows into our body. Chakras have a significant influence on several levels of our being:

The physical body - At the location of each Chakra there are glands, organs and nerves, which can be activated through Yoga.

The astral body - The vibration and energy flow of the Chakras influence our consciousness and also our physical health.

And The Spiritual level - from which intuition, wisdom and knowledge is received.