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Tuesday, 19 Feb 2013
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In case you can't make it to his Perth workshops, JOIN SIMON BORG-OLIVIER AT SAMUDRA NEXT WEEK AND WEEKEND 

For info and to book, please contact Jo Camponovo: jo@yogagrooves.com


to confirm your place, payment can be made via on line bank transfer to:

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Joanne Camponovo

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Weekday Workshops on Yogic Nutrition & Yoga Therapy Tuesday & Thursday, 21 & 23 February

Tuesday, 21 February 5:30-8:30 YOGIC NUTRITION: How your yoga practice affects your diet for good or bad

In this workshop research scientist and yoga teacher Simon Borg-Olivier explains how the way you breathe, your choice of posture, and how you move you body in your yoga practice can affect your unconscious choice of food and the amount of food you eat in a positive or negative way. Simon also explains how your conscious choice of food can significantly affect your strength, flexibility and breath control as well as your ability to relax and stay focused.

Thursday, 23 February 5:30-8:30 YOGA THERAPY for Back and Neck Pain

Exercise-based physiotherapist Simon Borg-Olivier has been successfully treating people for lower back and neck pain for the last two decades. In this workshop he will show special breath control, posture and movement techniques for the relief of lower back and neck pain.

Price: $60 Each

Weekend Practicum Body, Breath, Movement & Mind Effective use in your Yoga Practice Friday- Sunday, 22-24 February

This series of workshops will help you build a solid understanding and foundation of anatomy and physiology as applied to hatha yoga (physical yoga) practices. The intelligent application of anatomy and physiology will positively enhance your yoga practice as well as other exercise forms, directly lead you to a safer, longer-lasting, and more effective practice and generally improve your ability to increase strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and inner wellbeing.

The first part of each session is a yoga workshop style interactive investigation of the applied anatomy and physiology of each subject where you will be shown techniques that can enhance your practice. This will be followed by a visually instructed yoga practice that directly applies the principles developed in the first part.



5.30-8.30pm How to use your spine for your yoga practice: Learn how to use your spine to create core stability via core mobility. This knowledge can help you improve your circulation, energy levels and the health of your internal organs.


8.30-11.30am How to use your legs in your yoga practice: Learn how to effectively use your legs in order to develop the strength, flexibility and fitness needed to lead a healthy active life. This understanding can help you to improve the function of your lower back, your digestive system and your reproductive system.

2.00-5.00pm How to use your arms in your yoga practice: Learn how to effectively use your arm in order to improve circulation and develop the power to do arm balances, back bending postures and inversions. This understanding can also help you to improve the health of your neck and upper back, the heart and the lungs.


8.30-11.30am How to use your breath in your yoga practice: Learn how to effectively use your breath in order to develop inner power, mobility, relaxation as well get increasing the flow of energy in your body. This understanding can help you to regulate your body temperature, your energy levels as well as you dependence on food and sleep.

2.00-5.00pm How to develop the meditative state in movement & stillness: Learn techniques that can bring you to a very focused mindful state that can then be progressed to a blissful ‘mindless’ yet conscious state called the ‘empty mind’. You will be shown tools that can help to move energy in the form of blood (prana) through your body using your consciousness (citta) alone. This can help you achieve an energising blissful stillness in breath and mind both during static postures as well as in movement.

About Simon: Simon Borg-Olivier MSc, BAppSc (Physiotherapy) is a registered physiotherapist, research scientist and co-director of one of Australia’s largest yoga schools – Yoga Synergy. Not only is he an expert in exercise-based physiotherapy, he has been practicing yoga for over 45 years and teaching throughout the world for over 25 years with an applied approach. Simon explains practical anatomy and physiology in a simple and useable way, making it is accessible and directly applicable to yogic practitioners of all levels and backgrounds.

PRICE: Full Workshop: $400

For bookings, contact Jo: jo@yogagrooves.com

Included for

$60 per Tues and/Thurs eve,


Weekend workshop: $400