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Friday, 27 Jul 2012 to Sunday, 29 Jul 2012
$65 - $280
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Santina Giardina-Chard returns to Perth



Jump Through – Jump Back 

Fri July 27: 7.00pm – 9.00pm

The jump back and jump through is one of the fundamental elements of the Vinyasa yoga practice. Mastering the jump through and jump back takes time. Initially you may believe that your arms are too short, or your legs too long. When done correctly, there are tremendous advantages to learning the pickup/jump-back sequence. It is a beautiful expression of grace and lightness through movement.

This workshop will teach you how to strengthen your practice by exploring the techniques necessary to implement greater ease and agility with jumping through and jumping back. We explore and break down the jumps in Surya Namaskar in a step by step manner. Using these techniques as a platform, the progressive application of the jumps in and out of thesitting postures will be developed – both cross-legged and straight-legged. Understanding simple anatomical mechanics along with healthy pointers of alignment will allow you to take your practice to a new dynamic level in fun and exciting way. You'll leave this Workshop with a refreshed perspective on your capacity, an integrated jump through/back or clear steps toward executing this vinyasa. These useful techniques have been developed over many years and are available to all students.

Backbends: Sat 28th July 1.00pm – 4.00pm 

The art of backbending is often elusive, sometimes scary and intangible for many. Often we are so focused on the final pose, that we ignore the principle foundations. However, it is understanding and consolidating the foundations that will enable us to create a backbend with true integrity.

This workshop explores the anatomy and foundations of backbending, and will deepen your understanding of the therapeutic aspects of backbends. Exploring the safe alignment and the appropriate mindset for a back bending practice, you will learn how to overcome limitations by freeing up the front of the body and engaging the core, allowing us to go deeper into our backbends. We’ll discover what physical, mental and emotional blocks limit out backbends and move beyond our limitations to create new possibilities in our practice.

Through a mindful sequence of preparatory poses, you will learn to prepare the spine progressively for deeper back bends, as well as familiarizing yourself with appropriate modifications in several of the back bending postures. 

Knoff Yoga - 2hour Master Class - Foundation to Advanced. 29th July Sun July 29th 10.45am – 12.45am 

In September 2010, Santina completed the Master Level Certification of the Knoff Yoga System and is the first and only fully certified Knoff Yoga Teacher.

The Knoff Yoga System utilizes the human body as the guide to correct anatomical alignment, structural balance, and energetic application of yoga techniques. All techniques honour and recognize the individuality of every student and are adjusted for body shapes and proportions.

Let Santina take you on journey into the challenging Knoff Yoga System.....“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Suitable for beginners to advanced. 

Core Strength (2hour) - Sun 29th July Sun 2.00pm – 4.00pm 

Core strength is at the heart of a physical and energetic yoga practice but what is it and how do we build it?

Learning to harness core strength will unlock new potential for deep and lasting physical transformation. Core strength is achieved through the detailed and subtle practice of applying muscle locks or ‘bandhas’, which we’ll demystify, discuss, and practice throughout the afternoon.

This workshop will be a fun combination of demonstration and practical experience aimed at boosting your strength and confidence and leaving you with a deeper understanding of your body and its potential for growth. Learn to nurture powerful stomach, back, and leg strength with correct alignment and feel your physical limitations begin to dissolve.

Once the core is stable and strong, your practice will take a quantum leap into new territory!

ph: 0427839402

Included for $65 - $280

COST: full weekend: $280 or $260 early bird by June 29th


SESSION 1: Jump Through - Jump Back - Fri July 27: 7.00pm – 9.00pm ($75) or $65 early bird by June 29th 

SESSION 2: Backbends: Sat 28th July 1.00pm – 4.00pm 3hours $95 or early bird $85 by June 29th

SESSION 3: Knoff Yoga - 2hour Master Class – Foundation to Advanced. Sun July 29th 10.45am – 12.45am $55 or $45 early bird by June 29th

SESSION 4: Core Strength – 

Sun 29th July Sun 2.00pm – 4.00pm ($75) or $65 early bird by June 29th


Bookings close on July 6th 2012. Please confirm your booking with payment by this date to avoid disappointment.

**please note a cancellation fee of $50 applies after 14th. No refunds for on the day cancellations or no shows.