Yoga Workshop: New sequence with Marc Potter


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12 Stirling Rd, Claremont, WA
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Saturday, 23 Mar 2013
0427 839 402


Marc Potter is introducing the new sequence and running a 2.5hr Intensive Talk Thru workshop on Sat March 23rd. 1 - 3.30pm

Come and experience the new sequence designed by Potts. Drawing from his 20 years experience working with yogis he has designed a sequence that offers an alternative to Ashtanga.

The SunSalute sequence consists of standing and balance, lengthening, challenging arm balances, intense core work and backbends.

The class will be presented as a Talk Thru or Guided class. It will be fluid and moving with a little instruction on variation for the advanced where appropriate.

This workshop is not for beginners to yoga. A beginner is best to attend a beginners course in this sequence.

We are not giving any hints on what this sequence comprises of hence no photos!

Strictly limited numbers.

To book, contact Jo: