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Friday, 15 Mar 2013
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PREPARING FOR TEACHING. Teacher training with Marc Potter.

Begins March 16 2013

This course is fully recognised by Yoga Australia at the 350hr level and Yoga Alliance USA at the 500hr level. This means you can be eligible for registration with either of these organisations when you

complete your training successfully.

This is a dynamic course and your perfect move towards teaching yoga to everyday people. You will leave this course empowered and able to teach yoga to beginners or positioned to help people in more subtle ways, as you encounter them in your everyday

life through the wisdom of yoga practice.

This is a comprehensive and transforming program.

Lead by Senior Teacher Marc Potter with 20 years teaching experience, support from past Trainees and guest expert Teachers, you will embark on a journey that has proven positive results over the past 5 years. Examples of this include two graduates who have their own schools and three who work at

SunSalute. The Complete Picture is a Teacher Training course

for dedicated students and aspiring Yoga Teachers. It

intends to accomplish 3 main goals:

1. Provide a safe environment for students to

be challenged, to explore and expand upon

their own personal yoga practice.

2. To develop conscious, intelligent and

sensitive teaching techniques upon a solid

foundation for knowledgeable and skilful


3. To give aspiring teachers the opportunity to

achieve their goals.


We offer this training in an effort to grow the

community of committed yoga practitioners

and teachers by sharing the experience,

knowledge, skills and tools we have learned so

you too can teach yoga.

We intend to foster a keenness for a peaceful

path, enthusiasm, humility and self-confidence

as you begin your teaching journey.



- An immersion in the primary series of

Ashtanga Yoga and detailed exploration

of technical details of each pose

- Adjustments – physical and verbal the 3

focal points

- Yoga therapeutics including teaching

restorative yoga

- Sequence design for dynamic classes

Functional Anatomy

- Yoga and its relationship with the mind

and body

- Introduction to yoga anatomy, the

basics on joints and the muscular



- History of yoga

- Classical yoga by Patanjali

Teaching Methodology

- Ashtanga Beginners, Mysore and

Ashtanga Talk Thru

- Vinyasa and Restorative

- Voice and Tone Coaching

- Introduction and Closing

- Giving the best ever relaxation talk

- Ethics in Teaching

- Demonstrating, Body Language and


Yogic Practices

- Mudras and Bandhas

- Nadis and Kriya

- Pranayama and Meditation


There is no escaping the fact, to

become a good teacher

requires a big commitment.

You must be able to commit,

without doubt, to the following:

- 58 Weeks

- Daily Mysore Practice

- 5.30am Adjustment training twice

per week

- 12 Saturday Workshops

- Every Monday night 5.30 to 7pm

- Teaching Observation and Prac


The above factors in time for holidays.



- Have a desire to learn and explore

more deeply the dimensions of


- Have an established yoga practice

- Be free of major injuries or illness

before commencing

- Have a coachable attitude and

understand attendance is expected

- Be prepared to practice and teach

only at SunSalute Yoga for the

duration of your training unless

otherwise agreed with Potts.


Upon successful completion of the course you will be eligible to register yourself as a yoga teacher with Yoga

Australia 350hrs and Yoga Alliance USA 500hrs. Certificates of completion are only given to students who

complete a minimum of 500 hours of training. A log of your hours is maintained throughout the program.


Content Value You Pay

12 x Monthly Teacher Training sessions 

@ $500ea = $6 000.00 for you:$2,400

336 x Mysore Style Practice and Adjustment classes @ $20ea = $6720.00 for you: $2,200

56 x Weekly Teacher Training Sessions 

@ $150ea =$8400.00 for youg: $2,100

56 x Teaching or Teaching Observation 

@ $85 ea = $4760.00 for you: $1,200

Unlimited Email and Phone Support $400.00 for you $0

2 x 30 minutes Personal Coaching Sessions with Potts 

@ $75ea = $150.00 for you: $0

TOTAL $26,430.00 for you: $8,500

Early Bird Payment by 1st February 2013 $7 950

For more information and to register, please contact 

Jo Camponovo:

ph: 0427839402