Yoga Shoulder - The Chaturanga challenge


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Sunday, 4 Nov 2012
$70 - $80
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Limited Places Available 

(Dynamic Stability of the Shoulder in Yoga Practice)

Presented by Martin Connolly 

Sunday 4th November 2012 9am-12noon


$80 or $70 early bird by Oct 20th

Contact Jo Camponovo to book:

ph: 0427839402

Course Features:

In depth review of the relevant anatomy, movement physiology and pathology, with ‘hands-on’ and peer learning

Progression of exercises for strength, stability and freedom in movement

Recognition of limiting patterns

Integration of postures and sequences to address and prevent problems

Take the Challenge! 

The shoulder area presents some of the 

greatest physical challenges facing the 

intermediate practitioner of Yoga.

How can the inherent instability of this area be developed into the firm and reliable base required for so many important basic and advanced postures?

Is it possible to correct the imbalances that modern life (and poor habits in practice!) exert on the shoulder complex, and thereby prevent the injuries and restrictions so often associated with these joints?

Are the limitations and apparent weaknesses we may experience in our shoulders signs of physical limitation, emotional constraints or perhaps just innate body wisdom?

In this workshop, over two 3 hour sessions, all these questions, and many more will be addressed.

These sessions will equip Yoga Teachers and Practitioners alike to face the

“Chaturanga Challenge”!

The workshop will be active, please dress

appropriately, and be prepared to model and 

demonstrate for your fellow students!

Martin Connolly (APAM Lic.Ac.) is a musculo-skeletal physiotherapist and Acupuncturist. He has over 28 years’ experience with the science and practice of human movement, from studying Martial Arts and traditional healing in Europe and Japan, to Meditation and Yoga in Europe, India, the U.S.A. and Australia. He uses Yoga as therapy daily in his clinical practice.

Included for $70 - $80


$80 or $70 early bird by Oct 20th