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Sunday, 23 Feb 2014
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According to Taoist Philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is considered a Yang time of year. We spend longer hours in the sun, filling ourselves up with all that lovely solar energy and recharging our internal batteries. We might also find ourselves busier in nature as we make the most of the summer daylight. It therefore becomes even more important for us to find ways to ‘cool down’.

In the summer the organs of the heart, small intestine, stomach and spleen tend to work overtime as they strive to promote efficient blood circulation, temperature regulation and proper digestion. They govern the secretion of hormones and allow us to absorb essential nutrients from all that we choose to eat and drink, and those influences from the outer environment in which we choose to live.

Amidst the extra heat and longer days, with more activity and the overload from perhaps greater indulgence of festive food and other treats, we tend to dry up, often finding ourselves getting irritated, even angry and possibly exhausted. Quite naturally, all of these responses and experiences are amplified if life is not in balance.

Join us for an afternoon practice that will greatly compliment the summer season with its cooling, relaxed and slow nature. As well as bringing space to the hips and spine, we will focus on the HT, SI, ST and SP meridians, strengthening our body’s ability to achieve balance through improving the flow of Chi (energy).

We will explore simple pranayama practice (breath work) to bring balance, whilst cooling and calming our mental activity and effectively tempering our sometimes ‘heated’ responses to life when things get a little crazy!

We will close the afternoon with a meditation for cultivating ‘patience’, of benefit when life is more Yang in nature, and therefore when the importance of slowing down and letting things come to you, is even more appropriate.

This session will demonstrate how by being ‘seasonal’ about our practice, we are able to compliment and strengthen our connection to the cycles of nature, ultimately bringing greater harmony to our yin and yang energies, and creating our own personal Tao.

Fiona Galloway began her yoga journey some 12 years ago with the Sivananda Yoga Organisation in the Bahamas and Canada. After completing her teacher training, she has spent time teaching in QLD, Broome and now Perth - a journey interwoven and influenced by many other inspiring teachers along the way. Now an ongoing student of Victor Chng (Yin Yoga in Asia, Singapore) for 4 years, Fiona teaches regular Yin Yoga classes in Fremantle and Claremont, holds regular workshops and mini-retreats in various locations around Perth and Regional WA, and facilitates extended salt-infused yoga retreats in Bali twice yearly.

Having experienced first hand the healing benefits that Yin Yoga can provide, Fiona feels honoured to now be able to share it with others. She aspires to help guide her students in creating positive transformations of their bodies, minds and lives.