Therapeutic AcroYoga & thai massage
Therapeutic AcroYoga & thai massage

May1920215:45 pmtoJun0920217:15 pm

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Wednesday, 19 May 2021 toWednesday, 9 Jun 2021
0427 839 402


4 Wednesdays of Therapeutic Acroyoga & Thai Massage (90 min classes)

From Wednesday May 19th to June 9th 2021

time: 5.45pm - 7.15pm

Join for up to 4 weeks. See options below:

Cost per person:

4 weeks: $90 or $80 early bird by April 21st

3 weeks : $70 or $60 early bird

2 weeks: $50 or $40 early bird

Casual rate: $25

To book, contact Jo:

bookings essential and numbers are strictly limited

payment can be made via on line bank transfer to:

Joanne Camponovo

BSB: 306-066

#: 2325703

**please note, no refund or credit on missed classes.

Flying Therapeutic acroyoga is a combination of Partner yoga moves, assisted stretching, therapeutic acrobatic flying and thai massage both floor based (traditional thai massage) and air, whereby the flyer is balanced on another's feet (or sometimes the base's back), relaxed and can enjoy the weightless, restorative, nurturing experience as well as the benefits of being inverted. It helps to create a deep sense of comfort, lengthens the spine, opens the hips and encourages free flow of energy to assist in removing blockages within the energy channels.

This is a really fun and nurturing way to explore movement. Postures and movements chosen specifically to lengthen the spine, create spinal freedom, balance the chakras and improve energy flow. Practicing together with people can really help you to go deeper into your postures whilst at the same time accessing the core for stabilization of the posture and to keep everyone safe.

Learn (or fine tune existing skills) the technical aspects of acrobatic therapeutic flying, basing, lifting balancing, stacking in a fun, nurturing atmosphere. Learn to access yoga postures to a deeper level with the support of another person. Build strength, trust and feel the dynamic flow of energy that is created between people. Enjoy the wonderful nurturing, healing benefits of touch, both in giving and receiving. And Have Fun! 🙂

As a base, you will gain strength and experience the wonderful feelings of giving and at the same time also receive energy as you relax while you give. There is also a sense of strength not just in the physical body but also the emotional as you give yourself the responsibility and courage to care for another.

There is a wonderful feeling of sharing together that is not only loving and soothing, but joyous and fun. This style of practice is super relaxing, healing and calms the body and mind.

Suitable for all levels.