Spirit on Breath with Dena Kingsberg


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12 Stirling Rd, Claremont, WA, Australia
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Sunday, 7 Oct 2012
0427 839 402


“Like a marriage, the commitment to an ongoing practice of one style or method allows us the possibility to

move beyond the surface. In repetition and devotion we provoke a gradual awakening.”

This class will offer a little of everything.

Revision of the basics for both the fresh and the seasoned practitioner.

An informative primary series exploring principals of movement for freedom and longevity.

The integration of a seated practice. Enhancing the breath and discovering the voice.

Something for everyone, all levels welcome and made comfortable.

A Rare and Special 4 Hour Class

11am to 3pm $89

Sunday 7th October 2012

To Book, please contact Jo: jo@yogagrooves.com



Dena Kingsberg:

Dena was 21 when she made her first trip to India, a student of fine

art, honing her craft in the field of sculpture at the Southern Cross


Once the journey of yoga began, the desire to return

to Guruji and immerse in the practice was all consuming. Darkness

slowly surrendered to light. Dena completed the fourth series of

ashtanga in 1996 and was graced with certification to teach. She has now

been practicing for more than 25 years.

Encouraged by Guruji's

love of family, Dena and Jack were married in a ceremony conducted by

Amma and Guruji in 1997. The arrival of their children, Zoli, now 11 and

Izac, now 8, sealed the blessing.

Dena and Jack teach from their

simple shala in Byron Bay, the rainforest rimmed beach town on the East

coast of Australia. Together they share workshops across the globe and

return to Mysore each year.

Life is full and sweet.