Polish Your Primary Series with Marc Potter


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Saturday, 31 Mar 2012
0427 839 402


Polish Your Primary Series (Yoga Workshop)

Presented by Marc Potter

12:30pm to 3:30pm

31st March

The subtleties and intricacies. An opportunity to ask

all of those tricky questions about poses. Information

about the names of poses and the effects of these

postures on the mind and body (neurophysiology) will

be given. Subtle changes can give you a depth to your

practice currently unknown. Bring your mat if you have one. Beginners Welcome.

cost: $60

Bookings essential

to book, contact Jo Camponovo:

jo@yogagrooves.com or joyogagrooves@gmail.com



About Marc:

Potts’ introduction to this vast world of yoga began at the age of 19 when he started learning meditation. Now some 27 years later he still enjoys that there is something to learn about yoga everyday. He is an advanced 3rd series practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga. He meets with his spiritual Master Babaji (a self-realised yogi) every six months when he visits Perth from India.

Potts encourages all of his students to take responsibility of their yoga practice as the only person who practice yoga for you is you. No matter how good your teacher is, he or she can’t do it for you. Potts has been fortunate to have encountered many great and respected teachers including Dena Kingsburg, Graeme Northfield, Monica Gauci, Gregor Maleh, Simon Borg Oliver and Pattabih Jois. A good teacher illuminates the path forward. You are the one taking the steps.

Working through problem areas in the body/mind in a gentle way has been the best teacher for Marc, particularly with issues presented in his back. From this experience he is able to pass on knowledge to students working through difficulties. Everything changes, without doubt.