Living Your Essence workshop with Shyam Drury


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Sunday, 17 Mar 2013
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What does your soul feel like? I don't know, but you do. Connect to that truth, deepen it, share it.

Through this course you will gain a strong, clear, personal sense of your most profound inner world. You will find clarity and confidence in how to connect with and express this world more fully in your life. And you will begin (or continue) sincerely walking towards your own highest manifestation of self. None of this will be defined for you. You will not be told what your truth is. That is for you to decide. You will be supported to look, feel and question, and to discover for yourself.

'Living Your Essence' draws on a range of processes including Buddhist meditation, coaching, NLP, psychodynamic roleplay and more. These are all incorporated into a unique spiritual journey connecting you more deeply with your own true essence.

Faciltated by Shyam Drury, former counselor, Buddhist monk, school teacher, and current coach and director at Inner Answers Transformational Coaching.

17 March 10am – 4pm 

Arrive by 9.45 for 10 am start. 

Cost: $95

Bookings essential and numbers are limited. Contact Jo Camponovo to book:

ph: 0427839402

payment can be made via on line bank transfer to:

Bank West

Joanne Camponovo

BSB: 306-066

#: 2325703

About Shyam:

My name is Shyam. I'm thirty-three. I watched my stepfather drown when I was ten and this experience

urged me to seek deeper meaning in my life. I explored and practised the faith of my cultural heritage,

Hinduism. Driven by a desire to understand the fundamental workings of the universe I studied physics

and mathematics at university. I later took up Buddhism, which I practised sincerely for seven years,

four of which I practised as a celibate monk. In the last two years since leaving the temple, I have

continued my self-exploration through working with coaches, counsellors, and the ManKind Project, an

organisation teaching mature masculinity. In these two years I have studied coaching myself, and

previously I had studied some counselling through volunteering for Lifeline. I've also practised through

various workshops, courses and books in self-development. In these contexts, and others, including my

own personal exploration and experimentation, I've practised meditation, visualisation, active listening,

deep questioning, intuitive role-play, psychodrama, belief reversal, bio-energetic work, inner-child work,

faith and devotion, vulnerable expression, manifestation, affirmation, acknowledgement and

empowerment. Most importantly, I practise reality, I practise being. Through all this I've had some

incredibly strengthening experiences, and learnt some amazing tools for growth. I long to share these

with you and look forward to being able to do so on this course