Knoff Yoga "The Big Picture" with James Bryan Sydney


Map of Harbord, NSW
2 Moore Rd, corner Albert, Harbord, NSW, 2096, Australia
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Friday, 25 Mar 2011 to Saturday, 26 Mar 2011
$195 (early bird)
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Presented by James Bryan

How to put together a practice for maximum benefit

...The purpose of Knoff Yoga is to experience freedom in the body/mind. The goal is to create strong, flexible, healthy, disciplined individuals. The focus is on the 24 Principles of Practice and the application of all of this is to enhance all of our relationships to become the best person we can be. Students will receive extensive notes to carry on their practice after the workshops.

Join James Bryan as he takes you through the exceptional yoga sequence he designed together with Nicky Knoff to create a higher level of understanding of how the postures can work together synergistically to make the overall practice more effective . Following a comprehensive program such as the Knoff Yoga System actually quickens the process because you are encouraged to do the poses you may not like, plus one group can give you perspective on another group, e.g. forward bends vs. backbends. The sequence consists of meditation, pranayama, 11 asana group sequence, relaxation and philosophy to ensure a deeper level of understanding and a deeper practice.
The program will begin with The Foundation Level which will create the basis for all further practice to come.

Included for $195 (early bird)

$195 early bird payment by 25/2/11 or $210
Class 1 & 2: $70 early bird price or $75
Class 3: $65 early bird or $70