Handstands & Backbends workshop with Dana Longton


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Gil Fraser Reserve, John St, North Fremantle, WA
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Sunday, 1 Sep 2013
$50 -$60
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0427 839 402


Dana Longton is an advanced Ashtanga Yoga practitioner and is dedicated to a daily Pranayama and Meditation practice. Dana has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 2003, teaching since 2005. She is a Level 2 registered teacher with Yoga Australia and a Senior Teacher at 8 Limbs Yoga in Leederville.

Dana’s enthusiastic and genuine approach, her focus on attention to detail and her ability to apply this knowledge practically, makes her classes fun yet informative and accessible to students of all levels.

Backbends can be exciting, yet at times very frustrating. They are transformative and give us space to open our heart and allow healing to occur. Handstands are equally as exciting and frustrating, the strength and control we gain can be helpful in stabilizing our backbends and the element of focus required is a good challenge for the mind.

In this workshop we will work through correct alignment in these postures, the importance of activation of the core with some specific techniques to assist this and how to connect through the hands and feet, allowing a lifting and lengthening to occur in order to keep the spine long and prevent compression and risk of injury.

Students who attended Dana’s last workshop will have a chance to consolidate what you learnt last time and continue on to further their practice.

Included for $50 -$60

cost: $60 or $50 early bird by July 21st