Cat Kabira: Energy Workshop (Sydney)


Map of Harbord, NSW
2 Moore Rd, (corner Albert St), Harbord, NSW, 2096, Australia
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Friday, 29 Apr 2011 to Saturday, 30 Apr 2011
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0427 839 402


About the workshop:

Energy Workshop:


Are you looking for more depth and profundity in your own practice? Are you a

teacher or practitioner wanting to take your practice either as a

student or teacher to a deeper level? This workshop is an invitation for you to step

into a subtler place in yourself in order to perceive yourself and reality in a

different, more multi-dimensional way.

Join Cat Kabira in this workshop delving into the world of energetics.


In this we will define:

What is energy? Why is it important in our personal life and interaction with

others? We will discover how to feel our own energy and work with it as well as

how to do energy work with one another. We will also

discuss the necessity of being centered and focused when working with another,

how to stay grounded and how to clear ourselves after working with another

person, as well as how to manage our own sensitivity on a day-to-day basis.

In order to make profound and transformational shifts in our lives, we can’t

simply operate from the mind or from the physical realm. It is this energetic

realm that is where the truth lies.



Included for $200

Full 3 classes: $200
Individual workshops: $70 each