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Sunday, 5 Feb 2012
$65 - $75
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Calligraphy Yoga Workshop presented by Jaime and Michael Trott


Calligraphy Yoga is a combination of Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Yoga from Indian and

Taoist influence. It works heavily on opening the meridians, making the spine more

flexible and controlling and balancing energy through gentle circular movements so

that the practitioner feels both strong and calm, a perfect Yin and Yang balance.

Calligraphy Yoga combines four traditional practices. They are:

1. Tai Chi to bring smooth effortless movement

2. Chinese Chi Gong to bring an understanding of internal energy and a focus on the

Dantian as an energy centre

3. The postures of Indian Yoga to bring an physiological structure and

form to the


4. The technique of Chinese calligraphy to bring a 3 dimensional flow and link to the

movements that are both intuitive and graceful.

Chi gong is the art of cultivating and training energy in the body. It allows one to remove

energy blockages in the meridians to maintain and prolong a healthy, happy life.

Calligraphy Chi Gong has three areas:

1. Recieving energy

2. Projecting energy

3. Healing energy

The workshop will be held on Sunday Feb 5th 2012

Time: 10.00am - 12.30pm

cost: $75 or $65 early bird by Jan 8th 2012

bookings close Jan 29th 2012

**please note a cancellation fee of $40 applies after Jan 26th 2012



Michael & Jaime Trott are experienced teachers both with Bachelors of

Education. Sifu Michael has trained in the martial arts for over 20 years, 8

under master yang (bio attached). Jaime trained in karate and kickboxing

for several years before moving onto Yang Mian and Calligraphy Health of

which she has trained for 6 years. Both Sifu Michael and Jaime have been

credited by Master Yang to teach Yang Mian system and Calligraphy Health

as the head instructors in Perth.

**Master Yang is also Simon Borg Olivier's teacher.


Included for $65 - $75

$75 or $65 early bird rate by Jan 8th 2012