Ballet Conditioning Class


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Saturday, 13 Apr 2013
$20 - $25
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Come along to this Ballet Conditioning Class for everyone (don't need to be a dancer to join). 


**class can be done in bare feet. Socks might come in handy too so bring a pair.

This class is designed to introduce some of the fundamental concepts and techniques of classical ballet. While ballet is an art form in itself, some of the fundamentals cross over to many other disciplines: yoga, calisthenics, figure skating, circus skills….football- the list is endless! Through discovering some of the fundamentals of ballet, participants will be able to apply some of these concepts within the practice of their normal disciplines to enhance their understanding and performance. The class is a movement based class for anyone and everyone who has ever toyed with the idea of ballet or is interested in seeing how it may help their performance. You do not have to have any prior experience in dance at all. Focus will be on the athletic, artistic and aesthetic performance of movement with particular attention to turn out, port de bras and jumps and turns. Students will be practicing how to isolate and control particular muscles and muscle groups, create better stability in the hips especially and improve balance and poise which will enhance everything you do in your life.

Danica Hendry is a classical ballet teacher and physiotherapist with an interest in treating dancers, athletes and performers. Trained in Perth in the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus and completing a Advanced Diploma Performing Arts (Dance), which she then converted to a BA (Performing Arts), Danica has performed internationally and most recently toured Australia, new Zealand and Asia with The Phantom of the Opera. She has been teaching ballet to all ages for the last 11 years at a recreational and pre professional level. When not busy in the ballet studio or the clinic Danica can be found bending over backwards in a yoga class.

Included for $20 - $25

Cost: $25 or $20 early bird by April 2nd