Valentines Day Partner Yoga


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Belair Community Centre, Corner Belair road & Burnell Drive, Belair, SA, 5052
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Saturday, 15 Feb 2014
$50 per couple
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0403 198 964


Yoga Means Union 

Joining with a partner in practice reminds us that we live in a shared world, deepens our understanding of ourselves and others

In this session we will explore connections, both with ourselves and with our partner or friend. 

This workshop will include partner yoga and guided Thai massage 

Come join us to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique way through connection, partnership and play. 

We will also provide a delicious assortment of dark chocolates and fresh berries 

Investment: $50 per couple

Included for $50 per couple

includes partner yoga, thai massage, Haighs chocolates and fresh berries