Northern Beaches January Yoga Intensive


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110 Narrabeen Park Parade, Mona Vale, NSW, 2103, Australia
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Monday, 13 Jan 2014 to Friday, 17 Jan 2014
$90 (for 5 morning classes)
0405 543 263


Yoga (union) is a state of connection that when practised moment to moment, becomes a way of living in and from your body that is deeply honouring of all of you.

Over these five mornings, you will learn how to re connect with your body in a way that is gentle, nurturing and strengthening. The morning yoga becomes a firm foundation from which you are able to practise taking this connection (yoga) into the rest of your day. Practising daily over the five days, will give your body a 'marker' as to how to live from a different quality of energy that supports your entire being and the choices that you make.

The classes will include body connection, strength and flexibility, gentle breath, meditation, learning about the energetics of the body and how to live from a place of connection.

This intensive is open to all levels, from the complete beginner to the more experienced. A great way to start the year, to re imprint the quality of energy that you choose to live in to be one from connection, joy and harmony.

For bookings Contact Donna 0408 783187, or

Donna Gianniotis has been teaching yoga in Sydney for over a decade. Since her own personal journey through breast cancer nearly 6 years ago, she loves to share with people the importance of 'living yoga in your daily life' as a support for true health and well-being. Donna's yoga teaching is influenced by her studies of the energetics of the body. She is also an Esoteric Healing Practitioner on the Northern Beaches and in Balmain. Visit for more information.