Gentle Yoga


Map of Warriewood, NSW
Narrabeen Park Parade, Warriewood, NSW, Australia
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Tuesday, 8 Oct 2013 to Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013
$20 casual class or use of class card
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0405 543 263


Donna teaches a gentle style of yoga that is accessible to all.

The classes encourage a deep reconnection to oneself via "the feeling sense".

The classes work at building strength and flexibility in a way

that nurtures and encourages gentleness in the body.

The practise works by releasing nervous tension, anxiousness and hardness in the body so

you begin to experience true harmony. A joyful, restorative, meditative class that nourishes your whole being.

Donna's class is open to all levels from the complete beginner to the more experienced.

Included for $20 casual class or use of class card

Class cards available at $180 (10 classes) or casual rate of $20.