Movement meditation with Natalia Perera
Movement meditation with Natalia Perera


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Level 1, 2 Bungan Street, Mona Vale, NSW, 2103, Australia
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Saturday, 2 May 2015
2 - 4 pm
(02) 9997 2121


Movement meditation belongs to all the mystical traditions where Yoga finds its roots and which leads us to the experience of the body moving in perfect union with the soul’s purpose. We learn to relate to our bodies with reverence and sacredness. There is a deep sense of self acceptance and freedom that comes from this practice, and this shift of consciousness can be both profoundly healing and enlightening.

In essence, movement meditation is maintaining presence or truthfulness while moving. Its basic instruction is to move, breathe and pay attention. It is especially effective in transforming excess mental energy such as worry or anxiety or sadness and depression. Eventually, all movement all day long can be sacred art as long as we inhabit our bodies with greater grace and awareness. In this workshop, we come home to our temple, and learn to listen to ourselves and express in a safe and respectful way, through conscious movement, all that we carry within. Each time is an adventure, a unique exploration into our inner landscape. No experience in any kind of meditation or movement practice is necessary.

As it has been said by Gabrielle Roth about her work with the 5Rhythms: “The practice is a moving celebration of our body temple, a gateway to spirit through moving prayer, a physical work out without the effort, a psychotherapy session without words, a playground for the inner child, a dance floor without drugs or alcohol, an embodied meditation, a mini lab for life where you learn about yourself by the way you express in the dance, the way you relate to yourself, to another… a safe place to be however you are, to take risks and experiment. It is transformative, liberating, relaxing, releasing, energising, uplifting, fun, profound, magical, simple and you can’t do it wrong!”

Investment: $50 (yoga passes don't apply). Bookings are essential, call 9997 2121 or book online.

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Sunday, May rd  2 - 4 pm