Breathe Beautifully
Breathe Beautifully


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Friday, 22 May 2015
2 - 4 pm
(02) 9997 2121


Breathing seems simple.

We breathe in. We breathe out.

It’s the first thing we do when we are born, and the last thing we do before we die.


Yoga philosophy claims:

“We are allotted a certain number of breaths per lifetime”.


Here in the west, we have discovered that stress is related to diseases and that

long deep breathing reduces stress and instantly reduces blood pressure.


Either you’ve been in a Yoga class with the teacher encouraging you back to breath, OR have you suffered from:

Shortness of breath walking or exercising




Outbursts of anger, anxiety, sleepless nights and frustration,

and so the list goes on…


Here’s your chance to understand what better breathing has to do with changing any of the above and how it can help your Yoga practice if you have one.


Breathing efficiently increases oxygen availability to the brain, which in turn facilitates clearer thinking and simply makes you feel better.

It means you breathe slower and more effectively with less effort.

It also goes a long way to improving you health on many different levels including:

Strengthens your respiratory and immune systems.

Reduces stress and high blood pressure

Gives greater clarity.

Promotes healing on emotional, physical and psychological levels

Aides you during transitional times

Improves digestion, insomnia and sleep quality.


This workshop is brilliant for:

Gaining practical tools on how to calm and soothe an anxious mind and body

Anyone who wishes to add to and get more out of their Yoga practice

Looking to improve their day to day stress whether at home or in the workplace.

Assisting your meditation practice.

Relaxing the body … and that’s just the start!


Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for all people – regardless whether you practice Yoga, and is ideal for:




Stress heads

Corporate high flyers

Busy parents

Those with chronic illness.


Bookings only, please call us on 9997 2121

Schedule / Itinerary

Saturday May 23rd, 2 - 4 pm