yoga with vim
yoga with vim


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@ IAG Darling Park, Tower 2/201 Sussex St, City, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia
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Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020 toTuesday, 7 Apr 2020
lunch times 12 to 1 pm - 4 terms per year
0402 551 489



The aim of my corporate yoga programme is to bring about an understanding of the value and benefits of yoga that can prevent a lot of health problems over the course of a lifetime. 

The programme is designed to target those niggly, irritating aches and pains we all experience once in a while and at the same time loosen tight muscles, soothe the nervous system and calm the mind.

Practising specific poses in a specific way will help to loosen tight muscles and stiff joints (especially around the shoulders and the lower back areas). Although some poses will naturally create heat in the body it isn’t a case of perspiring to the degree of discomfort. On the contrary, employees emerge refreshed and ready to tackle their tasks with renewed vigour.

There are also breathing & meditation components in the programme whereby breathing techniques & visualisation skills are taught. These components add & compliment the physical practice in the endeavour to relax the body & calm the mind.


TERM 1 starts 4 Feb ends 7 April (10 weeks)

TUESDAYS: 12.00 to 1.00pm – beginners welcome. Level 1 Room MF01.01 .


 Payment options:

* Any purchase under 10 sessions = $21 per session & dates of purchased sessions are required. This enable students to schedule their yoga with the dates of their work commitments.

* Term card = $170 for 10 sessions. At times meetings 'pop up' & yoga has to be missed & for this reason the Term card is discounted @ $17 per session as opposed to the less than 10 sessions option of $21 per session (in reality the Term card option gives you 2 free sessions before you start paying the same rate of the first option)

The class runs on a first pay, first in basis so please be sure to enroll early to avoid disappointment.



* All cards expire at the end of each term.

* BOOKINGS: All bookings require full payment to secure your place.

* CAnCELLATIONS: All cancellations incur a 50% processing fee.

* REFUNDS: There are no refunds or transfers once the term has commenced.


ENROLMENT: 0402 551 489 or send an email by clicking on 'Contact organiser' (above) 

DD PAYMENT: Vim Lane - BSB 062 210 - ACC 1014 1332 


What to bring? yoga mats are provided for those who don't wish to bring their own.

What to wear? something loose & comfortable.


“The practice of asanas purges the body of its impurities bringing strength, firmness, calm & clarity of mind."   (BKS Iyengar)