Breathing As a Yogi


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Sunday, 17 Mar 2019 toSunday, 17 Mar 2019


Pranayama is the practice or corect breathing. This ensureas the body has suficient energy being deliverd to the muscles. It is important to balance out phsical asana practice with corect breathing as this ensures corect use of energy.

Over the ages there have been many outcomes derived from different breathing techniques. with the practice of these techniques people have changed the way they percieve the world and themselves. Serving as an instrument to the meditator, pranayam practice helps the aspirant to overcome dificulties within the meditation practice as well as thier phsical sadhana.

Outcomes of this class:

- Learn entry level pranayam to practice at home

- Learn about and practice two advanced / intermediat techniques.

- Learn and practice Two kriyas [Cleaning of the body]

Experiences as a result of the class:

- Aspirant will feel refreshed and cleansed after this class as well as the leading days after the class.

- Aspirant will have a new confidence in thier sadhana

- Clear thinking

- Calm state of mind and body.