Release the Psoas Muscle


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Kindred Studios, 212A Whitehall Street, Yarraville, Victoria, 2013, Australia
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Saturday, 8 Oct 2016
11 am - 2 pm
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0414 919 725


In this course you will become a psoas muscle expert and learn how to release it by yourself without invasive massage that can often damage internal organs and body tissue.


You will be using your OWN body movement to release this powerful and amazing muscle. Using Zen Ki Yoga and the principles of ying and yang, you will feel improvement from your first attempt.  You will also strengthen your kidneys and intestines and get more blood flow through your pelvis to nourish your reproductive system and relieve lower back pain.


Summary of results for this course:

  • get rid of back pain

  • nourish your reproductive system

  • release your hip flexors

  • tone & strengthen your kidneys & bowel (elimination organs)

  • get proper blood flow through your pelvis

  • get rid of hip pain and tension

  • strengthen your core

  • tone your waist

  • tone your bum

  • feel lighter and taller

  • connect to your deeper self

  • become grounded and calm


Earn CPD points and also gain hugely discounted access to our ONLINE women's health course and earn more CPD points or learn more about yourself.


This course is open to anyone - no experience needed.


Included for $70

Includes class, workshop & notes. Also get special discount for online course $70 instead of $150