Intro to Zen Ki Yoga® and take your asana further workshop + Zen Ki Yoga® class


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212A Whitehall St, Yarraville, VIC, 3013, Australia
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Friday, 7 Oct 2016
11 am - 4 pm
$60 - $140
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0414 919 725


Workshop 1 - Sat 8th Oct Melbourne

What is Zen Ki Yoga?

Class - 1 hour     11 am - 12 noon

Introduction to Zen Ki Yoga   12.15 - 1.30 pm

Learn the fundamentals that make Zen Ki Yoga the most effective healing system you'll ever learn.  The yoga class may be attended alone without attending the workshops.


Workshop 2 - 8th Oct Melbourne/19th Nov Brisbane

Using Zen Ki Yoga to take your asana further    2.15 - 4 pm

Learn simple ancient techniques to unlock the tension and deal with your problem areas to get results faster than ever before.


Using pressure points and the principles of yin & yang, you will be able to move into your hatha yoga poses and experience some deep releases, especially around the hips, hamstrings and inner thighs.


Earn CPD points for yoga teachers and other body workers. Gain hugely discounted access to our ONLINE psoas course and earn more CPD points or learn more about yourself.


This course is open to anyone - no experience needed.

Workshop investment...

Class ONLY             $25     Class ONLY

Class + workshop 1   $60     What is ZKY + class

Workshop 2            $35     Take your asana further

Workshop 3            $70     Psoas Release

ALL workshops and class $140  Purchase NOW>>>

Discounted access to online psoas course to attendees who attend the full weekend.  Full price is $150 USD (about $195 AUD), workshop attendees have lifetime access for $85 Australian dollars

Included for $60 - $140

$25 - 1 hour Zen Ki Yoga class only$60 - Workshop 1 + class$35 - Workshop 2$70 - Psoas (see course info for 9 October)All workshops $140All workshops include discount access to Psoas online course to access for ever. Usually $195 AUD ($150 USD), you will be able to purchase for $85 AUD