Anatomy and Movement for Yoga Teachers


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Friday, 24 Jun 2016 to Saturday, 9 Jul 2016
9.45 am - 5 pm
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Take your teaching to the next level.


A thorough understanding of anatomy and the way your body moves gives you a deeper understanding of accessing meridians and using yoga as therapy to heal serious body misalignment issues!!!


Explained in easy to understand terms.


Become an anatomy EXPERT…         


Over 2 weekends

23 hours face-to-face tuition.               Investment:  $490 EARLY BIRD price - pay by 20th May

10 hours of home pre-study.                                   $550 (for both weekends)  BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL >>>

33 CPD points.                  


Part 1                  Sat, 25th & Sun, 26th June

Saturday, 25th June              9.45 am – 1 pm

Review of pre-learning (see below)


Movement workshop

flexion                                        adduction                        internal rotation

extension                                    abduction                        external rotation


workshop – recognizing each body movement in specific poses


2- 5 pm

The pelvis

Pelvic muscles

The pelvis and movement

Hip workshop


Sunday, 26th June                11 am – 1 pm

The psoas muscle + workshop for releasing the psoas


2 – 5 pm

The piriformis muscle



Part 2             Sat, 9th & Sun, 10th July

Saturday, 9th July                 9.45 am – 1 pm

The Spine

            the vertebrae

            discs & problems

            care for the spine

            facet joints (and facet joint arthritis)

            muscles of the spine

            ligaments of the spine

            the nervous system and its relationship to the spine


2- 5.30 pm

The shoulder


            shoulder workshop


Sunday, 10th July                   11 am – 1 pm  & 2 – 5 pm

Putting it all together

Working with the poses to get correct alignment to maximize meridian activation

How the body works – nerve reflexes, activating opposing muscles, PNF stretching etc.

  • Relaxing the spine, techniques to improve flexibility faster

  • Opening the hips using opposing forces                                              and more…


Take your yoga teaching to the next level.  It’s great to work our meridians, but when you know that while stretching your stomach meridian, you can also stretch your psoas muscle, which has a strong relationship to your kidney, your fear reflexes and your hormone flow and by knowing where the psoas originates and inserts in the body, you can access it and release it much more effectively!!   Learn lots of similar tricks with other parts of the body to go further in your teaching abilities and the results you achieve.


If we understand the way muscles work, we have more chance of releasing them, which also gives us more access to our poses and the meridians!!!



Pre-learning - Home Study - All study materials listed are posted by mail as soon as you pay for your course.

(to be completed before face-to-face hours)


Part 1

The skeleton

Types of bones

Structure of a bone

How bones heal



Types of joints

ligaments (ligament injury and healing)


articular discs

bursae & tendon sheaths

synovial membranes and fluid





Types of muscles

naming the muscles

rules for muscles and their movement


Fat & fat types




The Pelvis (notes and pictures)

Included for $490/$550

early bird before 20 May $490after 20 May $550includes comprehensive notes, 4 days of training and pre-learning notes sent to you

Schedule / Itinerary

Saturday and Sunday for both 25th & 26th June AND 9th & 10th July are included to complete the course.