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Sunday, 1 Sep 2019
0412 883 373


ORO ATUA: Taonga Puoro sound healing journey - An Indigenous Maori sound healing experience.

Tara Yoga would like to invite you to another absolutely amazing evening with the International Grammy award winning Maori instrument specialist - Jerome Kavanagh (Poutama).

We are so blessed and grateful for this opportunity to have Jerome come back to our studio again.

Do yourself a VERY BIG favour and come along to experience the mysterious and spiritual sounds of traditional Maori sound healing.

About Jerome & his music:- Taonga Puoro - Traditional Maori musical instrument(s reflect the sound ...of our natural environment from the mountains, rivers, land to the sea. Our ancestors used these instruments in days gone by as tools to heal and promote a healthy body, mind and spirit. Taonga Puoro holds the vibration of the natural world and when played this vibration resonates within us and helps to reconnect to the intelligence and power of nature. Experience Jeromes collection of around 40 unique and rare Maori musical instruments from the Nguru- Whales tooth nose flute to the Porutu Pounamu- Greenstone long flute.The Koauau Toroa , albatross wing bone flute to the unique Putorino a cocoon shaped trumpet flute made from the mighty totara tree. These beautiful sounds allow for a journey into self, by creating a safe and nurturing space . In a fast paced busy world Oro Atua gives us an opportunity for reflection and self healing through vibrational power of natures sound.

More about Jerome: - Grammy award winning featured soloist and Maori musical instrument specialist Jerome Kavanagh (Poutama) hails from the Mokai Patea, Maniapoto, Kahungunu tribes (Maori) and the Caomhanach clan (Irish). He was first introduced to the sound of Taonga Puoro at aged 16 by one of his aunties. A family owned Koauau (Maori cross blown flute) was the first instrument he recalls learning to play. Maintaining his strong roots, Jerome has become part of a movement introducing Maori music, art and culture to the world. Over his career he has performed/recorded with artists from a variety of different genres which range from Hip Hop to Classical. His collaborations include The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (U.K) Moana and the Tribe (N.Z) Daniel Beddingfeild, Hayley Westenra, Joler Gaan (Bangladesh), Kevin Mark Trail "The Streets" (U.K) and two times Grammy award winning composer Christopher Tin (U.S.A).

To checkout more about Jerome : www.jeromekavanagh.com

Sunday 1 September 2019 6:30pm – 8:00pm Tara Yoga Studio, 3/16 Comserv Loop, Ellenbrook. Limited spaces available – be quick so you don’t miss out. Payment of $35 secures your place by contacting Sharryn on 0412 883 373 or sharryn@tarayoga.com.au

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Sunday 1 September 2019 6:30pm - 8:00pm