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Tamara Yoga classes are a dynamically energetic, uplifting, experience. The Tamara Yoga approach is based on the awareness that within each of us is a deep well of contentment, strength and joy.

Claremont, WA

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Sarah Price

Sarah  Price

Sarah believes that yoga is for everybody and can benefit everyone. She enjoys using yoga to connect mind, body and soul through balance, flow, strengthening and deep relaxation.
Sarah first began yoga in her teens but years later whilst suffering with a severe chronic illness she found Tamara Yoga and began practicing restorative yoga for her symptoms. Through this journey Sarah discovered the transformative power of yoga and is passionate in sharing this with others. She has found that yoga has had a profound positive influence on all aspects of her life and is committed to helping others discover this for themselves.
Sarah completed the 2 year Tamara Yoga Teacher Training and uses the lessons she’s learnt from her teachers as inspiration for her classes.

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