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Tamara Yoga classes are a dynamically energetic, uplifting, experience. The Tamara Yoga approach is based on the awareness that within each of us is a deep well of contentment, strength and joy.

Claremont, WA

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Ilona McGavock

Ilona  McGavock

When you come to class with Ilona, you’ll be supported by a wealth of knowledge. She has completed a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Health and Clinical Science and is a registered Osteopath. Ilona started practicing yoga after a car accident in 1981, finding both pain relief and fun, and completed her first yoga teacher training in 1984.
Whatever your level of yoga experience, you will be provided a practical approach to asana and benefit from Ilona’s understanding of the body and her passion for healing. Ilona imparts a love of meditation and how to work beyond the physical, into your mental-emotional and energetic layers.  She has personally gained support from the practices of Tibetan Buddhism – mantra, compassion practices and meditation.  While working with Chinese Medicine practitioners, Ilona discovered the flow and energy of qigong.  When Vinyasa yoga came her way, a lifetime of movement and meditation coalesced and she commenced Tamara Yoga Teacher Training in 2014. Ilona says she now “feels privileged to be sharing the beauty of yoga; mind, body and soul all engaged at once!”

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