Myofascial Release Workshop


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Map of Claremont, Western Australia
6 Gugeri Street, Claremont, Western Australia, 6010, Australia
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Saturday, 11 May 2019 toSaturday, 11 May 2019
$45 Workshop Fee or $40 for TY Members
(08) 9385 2242


Want to improve your self care game? Would you love to learn how to deal with your little aches & pains? Do you like the idea of having supple, healthy muscles & connective tissue? Do you have an injury that is hanging around? Would you like to move without constraint, freely & smoothly? How about getting so grounded, calm & relaxed while learning how to do all this & more!! Join us for a 2 hour workshop teaching you to use tennis balls and props to self massage your fascia (connective tissue) resulting in improved range of motion & mobility, reduction of inflammation, increased hydration of your cells along with an incredible sense of peace & rejuvenation. The study of fascia is taking off right now. Research is repeatedly highlighting the benefits of this practice - you will love how this makes you feel!