One Day Retreat: Engaging the world through Yoga with Wendy and Peter

Feb23202012:00 amtoFeb23202012:00 am

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22 Gwilliam Drive, Bibra Lake, Western Australia, 6163, Australia
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Sunday, 23 Feb 2020 toSunday, 23 Feb 2020
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Join yoga masters Wendy Newton and Peter Ferko in a day of satsang, community, and practice to discover how learning to be content with WHAT IS leads to real happiness. We will look at the concept of santosha where it shows up in the yamas and niyamas of the eight limbs of yoga and also as the basis of the Bhagavad Gita’s discussion of Arjuna’s dilemma. Come be a part of Peter and Wendy’s lived yoga conversation and find out how relating to the world through yoga gives us a sound vehicle for spiritual exploration and fulfillment in life.