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SukhaMukha Yoga, 38c, Macpherson St, Bronte, NSW, 2024, Australia
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Tuesday, 7 Jun 2016 to Thursday, 9 Jun 2016
8am - 5:30 daily
0490 090 530


Advanced Teacher Training Course with Katie Manitsas

Learn how to work with students one on one, drawing on the wisdom of Wise Earth Ayurveda and create individually tailored holistic programs for your students. 

Wise Earth Ayurveda has a focus on sadhana - practices to strengthen happiness and transform your health – specifically relating to food, nutrition and cooking in accordance with your own constitution and the elements of nature around you such as the seasons; breathing practices (pranayama) to rebalance issues such as anxiety and tiredness and chanting as a means to uplift and connect with the sacred.  

These practices of food, breath and sound are sacred templates that teach you to access your inner medicine resources and as a result sacred action – sadhana – will begin to unfold in your life.  They are magical, alchemy; teachings of deep transformation. These practices will serve you both in your own life and understanding your own health as well as in your teaching.  You will be better able to tailor a practice to suit an individual, thus expanding your yogic reportoire into skillfully working one to one with students.  You will also be more able to balance and heal yourself. 

We will look at:

* How to figure out your constituitonal type (dosha) and that of others

* Pranayama techniques for balancing each constitutional type (vata, pitta, kapha) 

* Ayurvedic food protocals according to dosha, climate and season.

* Women’s ayurvedic healing, shakti energy and ayurvedic protocols for strengthening the feminine 

* Yoga for menstruation and fertility 

* Chanting the names of the goddess and using bija (seed) mantras for great healing.

* Nuts and bolts of working one on one with students, all the practical considerations and the ‘how to’ of running a private class.  

This course is for yoga teachers who hold 200hrs (or more) certification.