8 week Mindfulness Meditation course


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Wednesday, 24 Jun 2015 to Thursday, 13 Aug 2015
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8 week Mindfulness Meditation course

Every Thursday




With well over 1000 scientific studies worldwide on meditation and mindfulness, the benefits are clear, but meditation is more than just its outcomes. It brings you into direct connection with the beauty of life in its full catastrophe.

This course is a fusion of traditional practices, modern scientific knowledge, combined with beauty and inspiration. You will be introduced to two styles of meditation, mindfulness to bring peace and clarity to the mind, and creative inquiry to bring insight and understanding. This course aims to show you how meditation really can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

You will practice stress relief techniques that are easy, and practical enough to integrate straight away. Wether you are experiencing stress, intense emotions, times of transition, problematic thoughts, exhaustion, anxiety or just want to learn more about yourself, you will benefit greatly from this program.

In this course you will:

Experience simple yet powerful mindfulness practices
Release stress, anxiety and emotion
Learn how to integrate mindful living
Access acceptance and compassion
Understand the neuroscience of mindfulness & meditation
Feel a greater connection to yourself & life
Discover the founding principles of mindfulness
Learn tools to stay in the present moment

About Marisa:
Marissa is a professional highly trained Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Stress Relief Therapist and Counsellor.

As a therapist her intention is to empower you to understand yourself, and to support you to develop abilities to bravely face the highs and lows of life open heartedly. As a teacher her aim is to help you discover the techniques and practices that work and make sense to you, through sharing the benefits of Neurobiology, Psychology, Yoga and Buddhist Philosophy. While also providing group meditation experiences that are great fun, encourages connection and shows you how meditation can be beautiful, deeply enjoyable and genuinely beneficial. Her work is a true synthesis of authentic ancient practice and modern evidence based research. Where the wisdom of the ages and modern knowledge happily converge.

Marissa also takes time from her busy Sydney practice to commit three months each year to training therapists, health workers & teachers in Nepal & India therapeutic mindfulness, yoga and meditation, for trauma prevention and recovery. Her motivation is to help people, help themselves.