Meditation for Beginners Workshop

Feb15202012:00 am

Map of Holland Park, Queensland
Stretch Yoga, Level 1, 967 Logan Road, Holland Park, Queensland, 4121, Australia
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Saturday, 15 Feb 2020
12:00pm - 2:00pm
$42 per person
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Do you normally use your 5 minute Savasana at the end of class to have a quick kip? Are you unsure of where to start in the big bad world of meditation. We've got you covered!Our 2 hr Introduction to Meditation Workshop is the perfect place to start your meditation journey, or perhaps strengthen the one you already have! We'll take you through a range of different meditation techniques, and combine it with some gentle yoga and movement to relieve any aches and pains (and hopefully help you to sit still for longer). From guided meditations to walking meditations and everything in between, we'll explore a few different techniques each class which you can start to take in to your day-to-day life.The amount of research that continues to come out about the benefits of meditation is phenomenal. Stress-relief, reduced anxiety, increased concentration, improved memory, enhanced cognition and greater sociability top the list. It also improves empathy and compassion, increases resilience. and gives you Jedi mind skills. Ok, we can't promise Jedi mind skills, but we can't rule them out either...We truly hope that this workshop will leave you with a regular and lifelong meditation practice - the start of a truly healthier brain and lifestyle.

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2 Hour Meditation workshop with Miriam Van Doorn