Benita Davis
Benita Davis


Map of Moorabbin, VIC
24 Station St, Moorabbin, VIC, 3189, Australia
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Friday, 15 Jul 2016
1.30 - 3.30pm
(03) 9553 0162



This workshop will be run by Benita Davis.    Crystal Singing Bowls are a form of vibrational healing used to fine tune the body/energy fields for healing; mental and emotional balance.    The crystal bowls are made of pure crushed quartz crystal and have a very powerful and pure resonance.     Sound therapy works on the premise that everything in the universe is made of vibration/sound. The human body can perceive sound through skin and bone conduction throughout the whole body.  Sound heals by assisting the body to come to its natural state of balance and harmony,  inducing its own genetically pre-programmed self-healing system.  The sounds of the crystal singing bowls can take you to a deep state of relaxation thereby creating an opportunity for profound healing to take place.    No meditation experience necessary.  You will be encouraged to make yourself comfortable, lie down and simply enjoy a session of healing, fine tuning and recovery from the stress of daily living.    Bookings essential and to avoid interruptions, the door will be locked just after starting time.


Schedule / Itinerary

Please arrive by 1.15pm to settle in.   The door will be locked when the workshop starts, to avoid interruptions.