Ayurvedic Lecture and Workshop with Dr. Mahesh Kalra


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1st floor, 24 Station Street, Moorabbin, Victoria, 3189, Australia
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Friday, 15 Apr 2016
2.00 - 7.00pm
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(03) 9553 0162


A new year and a new you!   Do you want change?   Things won't change unless you make change.  During this afternoon Dr. Mahesh Kalra will give a talk about the different body types - Doshas,  then we will have a hands on cooking class, and of course after that the best part, the eating!   There will be time for discussion and questions as well.

This workshop will be held in a private house, details upon confirmation of booking.   Cost for the afternoon, including recipes, is $150.00.   Please BYO paper and pen for any writing you may want to do.  Bookings essential and need to be confirmed by Wednesday 13th April, 2016.

Dr. Kalra is a Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicing, Reiki Master, Acupuncturist and Naturopath with over 24 yeas experience as a healer in the complementary health profession.  In India he practised as a G.P. in the hospitals of New Delhi.  He believes in helping people to achieve their ultimate goal of emotional and physical balance.



Included for $150.00

Full recipes will be given.