Dedication Retreat


Map of Acton, 2615
245 Lady Denman Drive, Acton, 2615, ACT, Australia
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Saturday, 7 Dec 2013
(02) 6108 3575


Dedication Retreat
Sat 7 December 2013, 9am-2pm
245 Lady Denman Drive, Acton ACT
between the Botanical Gardens and National Zoo & Aquarium


Take a deep breath and imagine peace... 

A beautifully relaxing retreat to dedicate time with a friend, dedicate positive thoughts to a loved one or simply dedicate peaceful time to yourself! With the holiday season approaching, yoga as a moving meditation is a great way to relax the body and calm the mind. The more you do it, the more peace and relaxation ripples out to other areas of your life. 

Enjoy the time to reflect on ways to simplify yourself and your surroundings and learn techniques to soothe your nerves. Top it off with an indulging vegetarian buffet lunch, surrounded by extensive views of unspoilt nature reserves and Lake Burley Griffin. 


"A perfect gift to yourself to relax and regenerate away from the busy world."
- Andrea Gledhill,


Take time out for yourself...