Tools & Techniques for Wholeness with Anastasia Williams

Nov01201912:00 amtoNov03201912:00 am

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26 Burnett Lane, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4000, Australia
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Friday, 1 Nov 2019 toSunday, 3 Nov 2019
$50 - $210
07 3211 3764


FRIDAY NIGHT 7-9pm PRESENCE AND STILLNESS A steady, soft, generous practice to deepen your cellular memories of you returning to you, repeatedly, in all your moments. We’ll use gentle, slow and rhythmic movement, as well as purifying, balancing breath-work to unwind unravel, and return to you. Round out this sweet practice with heart opening mantra meditation. Leave feeling light, clear and whole.

SATURDAY 10am-12:30 & 2-5pmTENDERNESS and POWERA day to increase your capacity to be receptive to yourself and to life. Your greatness is there waiting to be accessed in every moment. Rather than being its opposite, tenderness actually fuels power, just as vulnerability fuels bravery. Your choices every day, by design or by default, are creating your experiences and your life. Enliven your physical, mental, emotional and energetic intelligence with this deep dive into you. We’ll combine physical practice, precise breath-work, rhythm, mudra and mantra meditation with journaling and self-development strategies to help you lovingly uncover where you may block yourself from living your beauty, truth, and courage in all your moments. Inclusions and learnings: A devotional and uplifting yoga and meditation practice. How the conscious choice of your words: audible and within, shape your world. The significance of deeper awareness toward the function of your brain stem and your ability to reshape your responses internally and externally. Strategies to debunk and dissolve your limiting beliefs and tendencies. The why and how of being tender and powerful, vulnerable and brave, in all your moments. How to embrace discomfort and reframe it in the moment. How to deepen your ability to: feel steadiness, love, softening and let in daily blessings.

SUNDAY: 10-12noonENLIVEN YOUR JOYDelight in this heart centred class. Using some of the most simple, yet most transformative Naam yoga techniques for vitality, joy and increased focus. We will have FUN. Through an intelligent combination of breath, movement, and mantra, we’ll use our muscles to stimulate the lymph and glandular body. This is a full body workout you can take away to do anytime, anywhere! This time efficient cardiovascular workout supports maintaining a healthy heart rate, good circulation and enhances your energy levels. It greatly stimulates the renewal of the brain and slows premature ageing, helps to strengthen your electromagnetic field, improve your health, and give you a beautiful aura. Increase your vitality, youth and beauty. 

Anastasia Williams is a passionate mother, teacher and mentor. Anastasia weaves breath work, yoga, meditation, sacred sound work and self-development strategies together as an effective way to approach one’s self and life with courage, reverence and a conscious heart. Bringing a much needed and relevant blend of inspiring and insightful wisdom for your entire being and every day experiences. Anastasia brings a practical understanding and application towards growth, healing and success. From art galleries to yoga studios, from NYC to Bali, Anastasia is honoured to be able to share these practical techniques and profound practices. Anastasia is currently based in Sydney after 13 years in NYC. Pioneering the teachings of Naam Yoga and Meditation alongside Harmonyum Healing to the shores of Australasia, over the past 6 years. Anastasia brings with her a combined 25 years of extensive knowledge, practice and study. Anastasia studied directly with Dr Levry (founder of Naam Yoga & Harmonyum Healing) for the past 16 years, alongside other master teachers in yoga, meditation and consciousness. ~

Pricing options: Friday Night OR Sunday morning session only: $50 eachFriday & Saturday OR Saturday & Sunday: $180 Full Weekend: $210 (all sessions)