Meditation Made Easy Workshop

Apr04202012:00 am

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26 Burnett Lane, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4000, Australia
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Saturday, 4 Apr 2020
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As life gets busier, the need for everyday practices that help you sustain your physical, mental and emotional health grow ever more important. Having a regular meditation practice can be an oasis, an incredibly rich form of self-care.


Sadly, many people’s experience of meditation has been dry and boring, even frustrating!


Meditation is actually an innate skill that lies within us all. Anyone can learn to access and refine this in-built self-care system with minimum effort and maximum ease and enjoyment! 


Join meditation teacher and coach, Emma Baker, for this introductory Meditation Made Easy workshop where you'll explore a range of simple (yet powerful) and fun meditation techniques that invite more clarity, connection and inner harmony to your day.


There are many misconceptions flying around about meditation these days, so here's some good news:

  • You don’t have to stop your thoughts 
  • You don’t have to sit on the floor cross-legged
  • You don’t have to calm yourself down
  • You can come exactly as you are
  • You don’t have to change a single thing


This workshop is the perfect place for beginners to get started with a sustainable meditation practice, or for anyone with a regular practice to gain some fresh perspective. All levels welcome.

Included for $50

- 2.5 hour meditation workshop
- handout
- suggested further resources to support your meditation practice at home