Meditation Made Easy 6 Week Course


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26 Burnett Lane, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4000, Australia
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Tuesday, 3 Sep 2019
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In the crazy busyness of modern life, having a regular meditation practice of can be an oasis, an incredibly rich form of self-care. But many people’s experience of meditation has been dry and boring, even frustrating! There are virtually thousands of meditation techniques, and in order to get the greatest physical, emotional and spiritual benefits from meditation, each person has to find the ways to meditate that suit his/her individual nature. Instinctive Meditation does just that. It helps each individual find techniques and practices that WORK for them, and that they look forward to doing.There are many misconceptions flying around about meditation these days, so here's some good news * You can come exactly as you are* You don’t have to still your mind* You don’t have to sit on the floor cross-legged* You don’t have to calm yourself down* You don’t have to change a single thing Join Emma for this 6-week course. It’s a perfect opportunity to explore a variety of fun and life-affirming meditation practices in a safe and supportive environment.