Body of Love; Passion and Compassion with Lara Zillibowitz and Benny Holloway


Map of Brisbane City, Queensland
26 Burnett Lane, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4000, Australia
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Saturday, 12 Oct 2019
(07) 3211 3764


Whether you are aware of it or not, you are Love in Locomotion. Just like the sun loves the moon, the body loves its breath, and the inhalation is forever infatuated with the exhalation. In every moment of your existence, your body is the vessel of the most intimate affair of all - the consummation between flesh and the life force that animates it. Join Lara and Benny for a pilgrimage into this source of Love inside, to reconnect with that most sensual and supreme romance alive within your very selves cells. The Saturday morning practice is an ode to existence, a fiery and passionate exaltation of embodied appreciation through a creative spine-rising, heart-flowering slo-mo vinyasa flow, paired with ecstatic musical expression. The Saturday afternoon session will be call for cool waves of compassion to water that garden of the heart, to tend to it, to uproot thorns, to irrigate and fertilise the heart field through a nurturing yin self-care session with live sound nutriment.