Beyond the Basics | A Backbend Masterclass with Carly

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26 Burnett Lane, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4000, Australia
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Saturday, 29 Feb 2020 toSaturday, 29 Feb 2020
9:30am - 12pm
$50 - $180
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(07) 3211 3764


Back bending is a wonderful way to counter the hours we spend huddled over the computer, behind the wheel and staring at our phones.


In yoga, the body will often take the path of least resistance and in backbends this can mean unhealthy compression in the lumbar and cervical spine. Good technique in the neck, wrists, and shoulders are the gateway to long-term safety and freedom in backbends.


Join Carly to go beyond the basics as we unpack these important components of deeper, safer backbends. You’ll leave with the knowledge to bring greater strength, space and fluidity to your backbends, so you can experience the joy of these transformational poses in your practice.


Time: 9:30am-12:00pm

Investment: $50 individual workshop or $180 for the full Beyond the Basics course. 

Beyond the Basics course dates:

29 February - Backbend Masterclass

02 May - Inversions Masterclass

11 July - Hip Opening Masterclass

03 October - Hand Balancing Masterclass

Included for $50 - $180

2.5 hr back bending workshop